Dear guests!  I'm very glad to see you here.

My name is Yulia Kanevtsova, I am an osteopath in Limassol (Cyprus).

What an osteopathy treat:

headaches, back and neck pain, flatfeet, injuries after falls, sciatica, tennis elbow,  carpal tunnel syndrome, repetitive strain injury, arthritis,  whiplash, postural problems, sport injuries, balancing body after orthodontic treatment with bracket systems, TMJ problems and others.

What happens during a treatment:

Analysis of complaints, testing of the condition of the body, to identify the causes of complaints, light stretching, mobilizing, balancing the body, working with the СranioSacral system (method of balancing circulation of the cerebrospinal fluid in the spinal canal and to relieve the tension of the Dura mater, which can occur by various traumas (falling, accidents or just a strong nervous tension). All these manipulations allow  to help restore normal

function and to facilitate the body ' s healing process.